Dover UK cruise & ferry transfers to/from Central London




It's about 75 miles (120km) between Dover and the centre of London.多佛和伦敦市中心之间有很多交通工具可供选择,公共交通和德赢vwin安卓私人租赁,though note there are no direct shared hotel van shuttle style services with frequencies through the day available between London hotels and Dover.

There is a cruise bus that is a shared service with hotel drops and pick-ups with a single departure time.

If you do not want to take the expensive transport offered by the cruise line,these are your options:

  • 最便宜的选择National Express scheduled buses.Full size 50-seat coaches with wash-rooms that depart from London's Victoria Coach Stations.They do not go to the cruise terminals,you will need a taxi between Dover Town or Dover Ferry Terminal and Dover cruise terminals.

  • The fastest 德赢vwin安卓public transport optionDover train services。Several trains an hour run along three separate routes between Dover's Priory Station and around 5 major train stations in Central London.最快的火车从伦敦圣潘克拉斯到多佛。您需要在多佛修道院火车站和多佛游轮码头和渡轮码头之间乘坐出租车。

  • 您在伦敦或希思罗机场的酒店与邮轮码头之间唯一的门到门共享服务Dover Cruise Bus Shuttles.Shuttles pick-up and drop at all the major Central London hotel districts and Heathrow airport and only go to the cruise terminals at Dover.

  • Include sightseeing in your transfer 德赢下载apptours为了充分利用你在转会期间的时间,你可以去伦敦以外的英国看看。公共交通旅游德赢下载app提供上门接送和沿途观光。

  • 当然还有ultimate in convenienceprivate car service在您指定的时间挨家挨户。如果你有一个小组,有货车,甚至还有教练。


Offering direct transport between your cruise ship and Central London hotels or Heathrow Airport are dedicated cruise buses.



Map of Dover Cruise Shuttle Bus Routes


Dover Cruise Bus - More Information

After a morning pick-up from your London or Heathrow hotel you will be driven to your cruise ship at Dover.As an option you can visit Dover Casrle perched high up on the famous white cliffs looking down on your cruise ship below.


Dover Cruise Bus - More Information

London & Heathrow Direct Shared Shuttle

Dover Cruise Bus - More Information

Canterbury & Leeds Castle Tour Transfer
A full day guided tour/transfer with a walking tour of Canterbury and Leeds Castle admission included in the price.您将在晚上早些时候在伦敦酒店或希思罗机场酒店或客运站下车。

Dover Cruise Bus - More Information

Warner Bros Studio Tour TransferOnly available for Disney Magic cruise ship arrivals this full day tour transfer visits the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter before dropping you off at your London hotel or Heathrow Airport early evening.



国家特快客车比火车慢得多,而且便宜得多。They are modern air-conditioned buses with wash-rooms.

与火车不同,网上有真正的电子机票。Significant for people on cruises is the luggage allowance,2个箱子,其中任何一个重量都不应超过20公斤(44磅),在陡峭的附加费开始之前。

另一个关键的方面是,你可能会花更多的钱在往返于多佛的邮轮和公共汽车站之间,以及在酒店和伦敦维多利亚之间,而不是多佛和伦敦之间的国家快车的廉价预售票。In London the bus terminates at Victoria Coach Station,从很多酒店区都可以到达,这是唯一一站,在酒店或其他地方没有车站。

In Dover the bus terminates in Dover Town Centre after visiting Dover Ferry Terminal.The only option to get between either of these and the cruise ship is a 10 minute taxi ride.




从多佛到伦敦最快的旅行方式是坐火车。铁路通常比租一辆私家车进出伦敦市中心更快。火车服务比其他服务更快、更频繁bus 德赢vwin安卓public transport between Central London and Dover,但通常要贵得多。

There are three main train lines between London and Dover.

The London St Pancras to Dover service is much faster than the other routes as the trains utilise the high speed tracks built for the Eurostar express trains between England and France.

You pay a small premium for this relative speed on the ticket.然而,if you just miss one of these fast trains from Dover,你在等待下一次机会时失去了所有的时间优势。


Rail Map Between Dover & London


No shuttle buses are provided between the cruise and the train station or London bus stops at Dover.You therefore need to get a taxi between the cruise terminal and the train station/bus stop.The fare should be around £8.

多佛的出租车有各种尺寸和形状,the image tight is fairly typical.If you have two cases per person and more than 2 people you may end up with multiple taxi cabs.



It's just a 5 minute drive between the cruise terminals at Dover to/from the railway and bus stations and ferry terminal.

The cruise terminals are far too far to walk with luggage from the train stations.

All fares within Dover should be on a meter.


Although drivers may offer to accept your Euro or Dollar currency it will almost certainly be at a very poor exchange rate.只有作为最后手段才这样做。


It is customary to leave a small tip with cab drivers,假设他们提供了良好的服务。

Private direct transfers between Dover and London

Dover Cruise terminal is about 75 miles (120 kms) from Central London.希思罗机场是从多佛到伦敦的另一边(西边),它的时间要长得多,但在旅行时间上是相似的。around 2 hours direct by vehicle.