Tower of London and Tower Bridge

监狱,Fortress,Royal Palace and home of Crown Jewels


伦敦塔: see the Crown Jewels and Beefeaters

Founded by William the Conqueror in 1066-7 and enlarged and modified by successive sovereigns,today the Tower of London is one of the world's most famous and spectacular fortresses.在它成为皇宫的时候,a fortress,a prison,an armoury,一个金库和一个天文台。

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The major draws are the Crown Jewels and the history associated with the Tower's role as a prison for major figures in history,prior to for many a public hanging.此外,穿着独特制服和乌鸦的壮汉(卫兵)也提供了经典的拍照机会。The Beefeaters perform the very well received introductory 德赢下载apptours of the Tower of London.

一旦进入伦敦塔,请在下一次one hour guided tour by a costumed Beefeater.从营业后不久到下午中/晚些时候,每天通常每半小时运行一次,强烈推荐。

The Tower's greatest attraction,the Crown Jewels,are housed in the White Tower.你通常要排很长的队去看珠宝,所以尽量早点到达那里。Even if you have a skip the line ticket you will still have to queue here like everyone else.

At the Crown Jewels exhibition you will see some of the world's most precious jewels set into swords,robes,and of course crowns.The Imperial State Crown is still used today by the Queen of England for ceremonial occasions.

Tower of London Fast Track Tickets

其他许多主要景点都与塔的历史有关,传说中的人物被监禁和/或处决在这里。The Tower Green at the heart of the Tower has the scaffolding where some private executions and hangings took place.

其中三位是英国女王:安妮·博林和凯瑟琳·霍华德,wives of Henry VIII,and Lady Jane Grey - condemned on the orders of her cousin Mary I.


The Bloody Tower was where some of the Tower's most famous prisoners were housed.It may have been the last lodging of the 'Princes in the Tower' before their mysterious disappearance in the 15th century,and is today furnished to look as it might have done during Sir Walter Raleigh's 13-year imprisonment here.

The Tower of London is good for kids,他们可以在城垛周围嬉戏,提供一种乐趣和教育的理想组合。It is very hard to give an average time people take to visit,safe to set aside 2 to 3 hours perhaps.


Tudor Houses at Tower of London

The Queen's House: Tower of London


Opening times

The Tower of London is open to visitors:

星期二到星期六-9-4.30pm(an hour later March to October).

星期日和星期一-10-4.30pm(an hour later March to October).



伦敦塔位于伦敦市,the old walled part of London and now the business district of London.The Tower of London is by the River Thames and it was originally part of the city walls protecting the city from hostiles coming along the river from the sea.塔桥位于伦敦塔的旁边。Notable mainstream attractions within walking distance are The Monument and The Shard.

Beefeater at Tower of London

Beefeaters: Tower of London


Tower Hill Underground Station (District and Circle Lines) are directly opposite the Tower of London.Tower Hill DLR Station and Fenchurch Street Railway Station are also very close to the Tower of London.


All of London's hop on,从观光巴士上跳下,穿过塔桥,在伦敦塔前停下来。塔式码头就在伦敦塔和河运局前面的河上,especially routes to the London Eye and Westminster are very popular and rewarding.观光巴士上下跳的车票中包括这些河道。

Worth knowing

Tower Bridge in front of the Tower of London is still a working bridge and in the summer months can open up to 5 or 6 six times a day,though openings are erratic and the bridge may not open for several days.You can get the times and days Tower Bridge opens from the Tower Bridge official website.

Tower of London - tickets

Tickets are straight forward with concessions for children,老年人和家庭票。

Your ticket includes access to the Tower and the Crown Jewels display,包括硬币、国王和国王系列的展览,plus the Yeoman Warder guided tour,现场历史重演,White Tower tour and children's activity trails.

Audio guides are available for a fee in English,French,German,Spanish,Italian,Russian,Dutch,葡萄牙语,日本人,韩语和汉语(普通话)。

Tickets purchased in advance on-line are cheaper than tickets purchased on the day.

Third parties also sell discounted tickets at prices below the on-line price from the official website (see banner link below).


For the most streamlined visit pre-purchase your tickets and be at the entrance at opening time.

Tower of London Fast Track Tickets

省钱!- combine Tower of London with a hop-on,hop-off sightseeing bus ticket

The Original London Tour as its name implies is the original hop-on hop-off London sightseeing bus service.

The hop-on,在伦敦,下车观光巴士是一个非常好的第一天,它能让你快速到达目的地,并根据伦敦的布局和导游指出你以前可能没有考虑过的景点和目的地。



Madame Tussauds,The London Eye,London Dungeon,伦敦水族馆,St Paul's Cathedral,Kensington Palace and Tower of London are all available.


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If you are really into royalty,castles and royal palaces you will be visiting several royal attractions in and around London.

You can save money by buying a pass that covers three of the most visited: Tower of London,Kensington Palace and Hampton Court.

Kensington Palace:丰富的皇家历史。肯辛顿宫是维多利亚女王的出生地,也是剑桥公爵和公爵夫人在伦敦的官邸。更不用说是格鲁吉亚君主和皇室成员的家园,其中包括戴安娜王妃,他们都在这座令人印象深刻的宫殿上留下了自己的印记。Explore the vast state apartments.

汉普顿宫苑:近200年来,汉普顿宫是英国宫廷生活的中心,politics and national history.Its most infamous resident was Henry VIII.

Today Hampton Court is an easy day trip for all visitors to London in vast grounds next to the River Thames.

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The London Pass-伦敦塔由伦敦最受欢迎的景点通行证支撑,for full details follow the banner link below.

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Railways 2 for 1 Promotion-在伦敦塔,2乘1的火车优惠活动凭打印凭证和合格的火车票有效。However,the promotion is only for the walk-up tickets with the longest wait times and is sometimes withdrawn for peak periods.

Combine the Tower of London with St Paul's Cathedral on this guided walking tour

Another option is to experience the Tower of London in combination with St Paul's Cathedral on a fully guided walking tour.On this tour you gain special access,firstly to the Tower of London before the public opening and you will be guided round by one of the Beefeater guards.看皇冠上的宝石(没有指引)探索白塔,沿着东墙漫步,欣赏城市街道的美景,并观看历史性的开幕式。

然后,你走到附近的圣保罗大教堂,在那里你可以特别进入通常不可进入的天井。你还将探索院长的楼梯,a medieval library and you'll visit the Whispering Gallery and Crypt too.This tour is led by a Blue Badge guide and lasts just over 6 hours.有关详细信息和预订,请使用下面的横幅。

Walking tour and exclusive access to St Paul's Cathedral and Tower of London


Tower Bridge London


Adjacent to the Tower of London is Tower Bridge.如果你参观伦敦塔,you will also admire Tower Bridge,one of the most famous bridges in the world.It is famous with good reason,a truly unique and memorable spectacle.

外表是骗人的,the appearance of the bridge is in harmony with the Tower of London,but the bridge is not ancient like the Tower of London,it was built only about 120 years ago.

The bridge is not a museum piece it still performs its originally function of providing a public road across the River Thames and letting tall ships pass through.作为一个行人,你可以在任何时候穿过这座桥,there are no tolls or fees.所有流行的跳跃,hop off sightseeing buses cross Tower Bridge before stopping at the Tower of London.

这座桥仍然敞开着让船通过,the central part of the highway between the towers of the bridge lifting up.

Tower Bridge only opens when a ship has reserved an opening at a specific time,it doesn't open to a regular schedule.根据这种安排的性质,开口是不规则的,it may open 5 or 6 times one day then not open at all for several days.The bridge can open at any time.


一旦你看到了桥,it is so different to anything else you have witnessed you may well be eager to learn more.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition is actually located within Tower Bridge itself.Not only do you learn everything there is worth knowing about Tower Bridge,它的历史,它是如何建造和运行的,你也可以探索桥的内部。

The highlight is undoubtedly the glass floored high level walkways right at the top of the bridge.These were originally designed so pedestrians could cross the bridge even when the bridge was lifting and closed to vehicles.正如你所能想象的,这里有很好的景色。

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